Brain health
The Hello Brain project aims to make scientific research into brain health and development more accessible to everyone.

The 'Hello Brain' project shows how anyone, at any age, can make simple lifestyle changes to help their brains. Some of these changes may help prevent certain types of dementia. Hello Brain and its resources are based on the latest research and evidence on brain health.

The project provides easy to understand information about how you can improve and maintain brain health across your life. It helps to dispel myths about brain health. Visit the Hello Brain website or download the Hello Brain mobile phone app to find out more.

Hello Brain tips for keeping your brain healthy

Hello Brain

The Hello Brain Appfeatures scientifically designed exercises ‘Brain Buffs’ to help your brain stay fit and healthy. It offers daily activities to help build better brain health.

What’s in the App?

  • Take the Hello Brain Challenge – do one thing every day that’s good for your brain.
  • Daily ‘Brain Buff’ exercises to give your brain a workout.
  • Monitor your progress by reviewing your timeline to see how you are keeping your brain healthy.
  • Varied ‘Brain Buff’ categories: Physical, Social, Mental, Attitude and Lifestyle.
  • Set goals and get alerts when you reach them to encourage balanced regular exercise.
  • Get access to the latest expertise and research around brain health.

Hello Brainmobile app is completely free to download and use.

Acknowledgment: this video is provided by Sabina Brennan, Trinity Brain Health Hello Brainand Trinity College Dublin