Memory Technology Resource Rooms

What is a Memory Technology Resource Room?

Memory Technology Resource Rooms (MTRR) have been set up by the HSE all over the country. These rooms are for people who would like to know more about products and devices which can help manage memory difficulties.

When you visit a Memory Technology Resource Room, you will be greeted by a healthcare professional who will discuss with you any difficulties you are having that assistive technology might be able to help you with. The MTRRs have a wide range of assistive technologies on demonstration so you have the opportunity to see and try out different devices. The healthcare professional will also discuss practical strategies to promote independence, safety, and quality of life.

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology can be any device, product, gadget or system that helps you with memory and supports continued engagement in meaningful activities. Assistive technologies promote independence, communication and safety both in and out of the home. There is a wide range of assistive technologies available and these include simple devices such as orientation clocks, or high tech devices such as GPS tracking technologies. It is important to recognise that not all assistive technologies suits everyone and you should consult with your memory technology resource room to understand the benefits and considerations when matching technologies to the person.

Some MTRRs can offer you a loan of certain assistive technologies to trial at home for a month, this allows you to assess if the piece of technology is supportive and worth purchasing.

Please note the MTRRS do not sell any of the assistive technologies but can provide you with information on where to purchase them.

To find a Memory Technology Resource Room near you, please read our list of National Memory Technology Resources Rooms

Below you will find a video about the MTRR service created by the Understand Together campaign, along with videos on some of the assistive technologies available at the MTRR, these videos were developed by Sheila Mitchell, Occupational Therapist, MTRR Galway/Roscommon.

Download the new Memory Technology Resource Room Posterhere

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Download the Supportive Memory Guide e book here

The Supportive Memory Guide is an eBook which aims to empower people living with dementia with practical tips and useful technologies. It covers a wide range of areas including scheduling, routines, environments, assistive technologies and links to helpful resources and videos.

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