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Dementia: Understand Together Campaign is working with people and organisations all over Ireland to build dementia inclusive communities.

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Whether you are new to the campaign or have been involved for a while, we would love to stay in touch. Sign up to become a community champion or join the network of partners.

Dementia inclusive communities

DIC-symbol-circularBy displaying this symbol you are sending an important message that you are supporting people with dementia.


The toolkit has guidance on how and when to display the symbol.

Helpful resources and trainings

You can be part of this movement by taking action and joining forces with other individuals, businesses and service providers within your community.

With your help we can create inclusive communities where people with dementia:

  • are understood, respected and valued
  • can stay socially connected and actively engaged in community life
  • can access local businesses and amenities that are responsive to their needs
  • can navigate the built environment with ease.

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