How to get involved as a business or service provider

Businesses and service providers can make a big difference to the quality of life of people with dementia and their families. Being dementia inclusive is about supporting and enabling people with dementia to be actively engaged in their community.

Becoming more dementia inclusive is a socially responsible step. It will improve the customer experience as a whole and bring economic benefits, too.

Who is involved

Join over 40 organisations across Ireland from sectors including retail, transport, banking, health and the voluntary and community sector leading the way in creating dementia inclusive communities.

What is good for people with dementia is good for everyone.

Dementia affects over 500,000 families in Ireland. Your actions will support customers, service users, employees and volunteers.

Here are 6 actions that you or others in your business or service can take

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Tipsheets for Inclusive Communities

Dementia Training & Education Programmes