What is Assistive Technology?

It can be much easier to be independent and safe in your own home when you have the right supports and equipment.
Assistive technology can be a product, gadget or system that helps you with memory and recall. It promotes independence or helps you to manage risks and feel safe at home. Assistive technology can be a very simple product and it can also be a great technical gadget.
Examples of Assistive Technology equipment include;
  • memory aids; e.g. medication reminders and voice recorders to record your own reminder messages
  • orientations aids; e.g. electronic clocks that can help you keep track of time/day/month
  • safety devices; e.g. night lights with sensors that will automatically turn on as you pass them and personal alarms
  • communication aids; e.g. easy to use a landline and mobile phones
  • other devices; e.g. easy to use TV remote controls and talking photo albums.

What is a Memory Technology Resource Room?

Memory Technology and Resource Rooms are being set up by the HSE all over the country. These rooms are for people who would like to know more about products and devices which can help manage memory difficulties.
When you visit a Memory Technology Resource Room, you will be greeted by a healthcare professional who will discuss with you any difficulties you are having that assistive technology might be able to help you with. You will then have an opportunity to see and try out different devices and strategies to promote independence, safety, and quality of life.

Below are a selection of videos developed by Sheila Mitchell, Occupational Therapist, MTRR Galway/Roscommon, which give information on Memory Technology Resource Room Service. 





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To find a Memory Technology Resource Room near you, please read our list of National Memory Technology Resources Rooms

Watch our video below on a Memory Technology Resource Room:

How can I find out more about Assistive Technology?

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland has a booklet on Assistive Technology.
This booklet will give practical information on different types of assistive technologies that are available.
You can order a free copy of this booklet by ringing 1800 341 341.
Finally, you might like to look at the AT Dementia website, which is a UK based website that gives detailed information on different assistive technologies that are available

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