Quick Update on the development of a model for a National Dementia Registry.


Quick Update on the development of a model for a National Dementia Registry.

A project funded by Dormant Accounts through the Department of Health and the National Dementia Office is currently underway to develop a model for a National Dementia Registry.  Development of the model for a Dementia Registry will move us towards reliable, accurate, valid and timely data which will contribute to the effective and efficient planning operation and evaluation of dementia care services.

The project is being led by researchers in Dublin City University’s School of Nursing and Human Sciences and is being co-designed with the active and meaningful involvement of a diverse range of stakeholders who include people living with dementia and their family caregivers, clinicians those with expertise in health informatics, information technology and patient registries.   Steering and working groups have been meeting regularly to contribute and provide guidance in the overall direction and development of the registry model. 

The current focus of the Registry project is to build a comprehensive picture of the dementia data that exists in primary and secondary care settings.  In addition to understanding what data other patient registries collect and how this data is managed.  The Registry project will run until March 2020.

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