Pharmacists team up with HSE to promote dementia campaign

The HSE and the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) are teaming up to raise public awareness of dementia through pharmacies across Ireland.


Information leaflets will be available, and posters will be on display, in pharmacies across the country from the 27thMarch.

1 in 2 Irish people know or have known someone with dementia

Mary Manning, National Dementia Office, HSE said, “1 in 2 Irish people know or have known someone with dementia. Despite this, only 1 in 4 people feel they have a good understanding of what dementia is and what it isn’t. Fear is also a major factor when it comes to seeking diagnosis or help in relation to dementia with 1 in 4 people saying that they would delay seeking help*.

Tackling stigma

By increasing awareness we hope to break down some of the stigma and fear that surrounds dementia and show that with the right support people can live well with dementia. The HSE is proud to be working with the IPU to promote dementia awareness in communities across Ireland”.

Community involvement

As two thirds of people living with dementia live in our communities, a central part of the Understand Together campaign is building partnerships with businesses and organisations across all sectors in Ireland to help build supportive, compassionate and inclusive communities for those affected by dementia.

Pharmacists providing support

Daragh Connolly, IPU President said, “The IPU is pleased to be working with Dementia Understand Together and the HSE to promote better awareness of dementia through its members. Pharmacists play a central role in communities as trusted sources of information and support. Pharmacists often provide vital support for those concerned about their health and also sources of advice and information for people who have received diagnoses or commenced treatments for conditions such as dementia.”

About the IPU

The Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) is the representative and professional body for community pharmacists in Ireland. Currently, over 2,200 pharmacists are registered as members of the IPU – the vast majority are community pharmacists. This represents 95% of community pharmacies in Ireland.

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