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Delirium! When acute illness meets dementia Tuesday April 16th TCD


Delirium! When acute illness meets dementia.


Tuesday 16th April 2019


Reception: 6-7pm

Main Event: 7-8.30pm (followed by a wine reception)

Free to attend.

Register here


Tercentenary Hall, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, Trinity College Dublin.

Description of event:

When elderly patients, and particularly those with early dementia, suffer acute illnesses or hospitalisation, including fractures, infections or sepsis, they often have profound and disturbing changes in their awareness, their thinking and memory and in their emotional state. This syndrome is known as delirium. These are disorienting, fearful and distressing episodes and although they tend to resolve as the acute illness passes, patients may experience long-term consequences. Although these episodes are extremely prevalent in our hospitals and nursing homes and are typically bewildering to patients and carers, delirium is poorly understood and little discussed with patients or their carers. This public event seeks to explain what is known about how these sudden onset changes occur and how they relate to the underlying condition of the brain through the perspectives of the patient who experiences delirium, the doctor who manages delirium and the neuroscientist who studies delirium.


  1. Dr Shaun O’Keeffe: (Consultant Geriatrician): Acute illness and Acute Confusion (delirium)
  2. Ms Loretta Hughes: The patient experience of Delirium
  3. Dr Colm Cunningham: (Associate Professor of Neuroscience): Studying delirium in the lab.

The session will conclude with adequate time for a wide-ranging and open discussion with questions from the audience and will be followed by a reception, where there will be further time for discussion.

Target audience:

The general public.

The talks should be of interest to patients, carers and those with a general interest in biology, neuroscience or medicine.

Contact for enquiries:

Dr Carol Murray murrayc7@tcd.ie

Dr Colm Cunningham colm.cunningham@tcd.ie

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