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Dementia Review is an online resource which provides a summary and overview of data, research and policy on dementia across the island of Ireland over the five year period between 2010 and 2014. It is intended for use by researchers, policymakers and the voluntary and community sector. Users may search the site for links to policy documents, journals articles, reports and books, surveys and databases related to dementia in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Several different organisations in Ireland are also involved in dementia research.
These include:

Dementia Services Information and Development Centre (DSIDC)

The Dementia Services Information and Development Centre is based in St. James's Hospital, Dublin and conducts research into dementia and dementia care management. It is a national centre for excellence in dementia. The DSIDC hosts the only dementia specific library in the country. It is well stocked with journals, books, audiovisual media and electronic resources. Health service professionals and others with an interest in dementia are encouraged to visit this library. Visits are free of charge but are by appointment only.
It also offers a range of customisable courses for individual needs These are delivered either in-house or at venues around the country.

Neuro Enhancement for Independent Lives

The Neuro Enhancement for Independent Lives (NEIL) programme is based in Trinity College, Dublin and conducts research aimed at dementia prevention and cognitive enhancement. The NEIL programme has also collaborated with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland to research and deliver early intervention supports and services for people with early stage dementia. These include cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) and cognitive rehabilitation therapy (CRT).

Living with Dementia (LiD) Programme

The Living with Dementia (LiD) Programme  is based in the Social Work department at Trinity College Dublin. This research programme examines policy and practice related issues in dementia care.

Mercer’s Institute for Research in Ageing (MIRA)

The Mercer’s Institute for Research in Ageing (MIRA) in St. James's Hospital, Dublin aim to produce high quality research that results in changes to healthcare practice for older people. They are conducting a number of clinical research projects investigating various aspects of memory, cognition and Alzheimer's disease