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Dementia training
Online training is available through Dementia Elevator which helps individuals, communities and health systems engage with and support people with dementia.

Free, online dementia awareness training for staff working in retail and financial services, as well as training for transport providers and carers, is available here. Two thirds of people with dementia live in the community and continue to use community services such as the bank, post office, supermarket, public transport and emergency services. These training programmes aim to increase awareness of dementia among customer facing services and up skill front line staff to appropriately support customers with dementia.

General Awareness Video 

This video shows the impact of a diagnosis on the life of one man with dementia. When asked to consider his future, he could only see a life he had always dreaded; in a nursing home, alone and stripped of dignity and control.  His response was to close down his life. With the right support he began to rebuild relationships, take part in activities he had always loved and recognize that he still had a life to live. Now he describes himself like an old book, a little crumpled, but reallyjust the same.

Watch the general awareness video above and look at the resource pack, which is suitable for all types of groups such as community and voluntary groups, health and social care professionals, business, schools and colleges.

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